Growing Ideas. Building Brands.

M320 Consulting builds brands.

We do this through creative engagement strategies that leverage marketing, events, media and influencers to successfully target and reach multicultural consumers in ways that are innovative, organic and cool. Our methods sometimes make clients who’ve ‘always done it this way’ nervous. But our unique approach combined with the data-driven insights that we use to create strategy turn good ideas into integrated marketing promotions that yield results.

Our Services
Business Development
M320 helps clients position, package and monetize ideas. We’ve work with global brands to create new initiatives and with top-tier agencies to help them maximize opportunities with current clients or to gain new ones.
Brand Strategy
We leverage a diverse mix of marketing and media channels to build brands by using key lifestyle touch points to connect with multicultural consumers. Our targeted programs have reached African American moms, women, influencers, seniors, millennials and value-conscious consumers.
Project Management
Cross-functional teams & multiple agency partners have become the norm on many large-scale projects. M320 simplifies the ‘matrix’ for its clients by providing stellar project management services that keep all partners aligned with the client’s objectives.
We aim to speak directly to and like consumers by using data-driven insights to create campaigns that authentically engage them, create content to continue the conversation, and effectively convey the brand narrative. 

M320 Clients

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